Schecter Hellraiser V-1 FR

705,95  (5.318,98 kn)

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Hellraiser is the top series in the standard segment of the Schecter Guitars catalog. Best materials and hardware appointments are assigned to this series. There are several tiers within the series, a clever move by Schecter with which Hellraisers become available to virtually every player. Hellraiser V-1 FR is a model from the regular Hellraiser line and it comes with a solid, flat-top body made of mahogany. It is bound in abalone and finished in gloss. Black and white variants exist and both feature black hardware. Bridge on this model is the Floyd Rose double-locking trem system. It is fronted by EMG 81 in the bridge and 89 in the neck position. Set in mahogany neck is topped with a series standard 24-fret fingerboard made of rosewood. 

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