Eno EMT-789-GB

13,21  (99,53 kn)

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Model EMT-789GB 
Items of function chromatic / Guitar / bass 
Features Digital cents indication offers supremely accurate tuning 
Perfect performance multifunction metronome 
Vigoroso function and high visibility 
Super large LCD display 
Output and input function 
Specification Tuning mode: Auto or manual 
Items of tuning: Chromatic, Guitar and Bass 
Tuning range for chromatic: A0(27.5Hz)-a3(1760Hz) 
Tuning range for guitar: 1E-6E 
Tuning range for bass: 1G-4E 
A4 frequency430Hz-450Hz 
Battery: 2 times; AAA 
Weight: 100g 
Color Blue 
Accessory Pick up, AAA size battery x 2

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